What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart? 6 Things To Know (2023)

There may come a time when the inevitable happens where we have to be apart from our soulmates. A relationship with a soulmate is believed to last long and that you are meant to be together forever. Nevertheless, separation may come about and both of you will have to deal with the effects of being away from each other.

Going through a soulmate separation can be a struggle as you have to endure the emotional pains and anxiety it brings. However, as you desire and strive to pick up the pieces you will experience a renewal of the soul, gain a different perspective in life, and manifest a re-energized spirit.

Being aware of the consequences of soulmate separation can help you know how to best handle this difficult situation, whenever it happens to you. It is also valuable to note that these experiences are lessons meant for a higher purpose in your life.

Soulmates and Soul Connections

What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart? 6 Things To Know (1)

A soulmate is someone with whom you share a deep connection, who influences your soul, and has a lasting impact on your life. There is a soul-level bond that is safe, stable, and reassuring. They are someone with whom you can be yourself and be true to your emotions. The genuineness of the relationship is manifested among soul connections.

Contrary to popular belief, relationships among soulmates are not always romantic. Sometimes they are platonic in nature. They could be a friend or a family member.

You may have encountered your soulmate briefly, yet there is a feeling of familiarity—that you have known each other before. You might instinctively sense that you are meant to be together and that there is a reason for your relationship.

Soulmates are brought together to fulfill a higher purpose in each other’s lives. They are the people who inspire you, motivate you to work on improving yourself, and can help you awaken your soul to grow and reach its highest potential. They spur you into self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

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Soulmates Separation

What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart? 6 Things To Know (2)

There will come a time when soulmates need to be physically apart. You may have to separate, but do not necessarily break up. Your soulmate may need to relocate to a different city for work, visit family or friends, or just wants to detach oneself for some time.

Alternatively, this separation could lead to a breakup. The relationship between soulmates oftentimes becomes too intense that they may struggle to keep up with being together for a long time. This may eventually cause them to end their relationship and part ways.

When you separate, it is most likely that you and your soulmate are not meant for each other. Moreover, the timing is probably wrong and you are not yet ready to be together.

Whatever the reason is, dealing with soulmate separation is difficult and painful. Because of the intensity of the love and connection you have for each other parting from them will be unbearable.

6 Things That Will Happen When Soulmates Are Apart

Detaching oneself from a profound soulmate connection is distressing. It is all the more upsetting when you inevitably decide to split up and end your relationship. Regardless, keep in mind that there is a reason and a higher purpose behind this circumstance.

Here are a number of things that can happen to you when you get separated from your soulmate.

  1. You Will Experience Separation Anxiety

What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart? 6 Things To Know (3)

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Being physically apart from your soulmate can trigger anxiety. It can make you feel fearful and nervous to be away from them. Dwelling on these feelings and thought patterns lead to reduced confidence in yourself, your partner, and the relationship.

Maintaining a consistent presence in your soulmate’s life will be difficult to achieve when distance separates you. You will feel anxious and afraid that your deep connection will slowly dwindle. You may have trust issues and worry that your soulmate will not be as communicative as before and that they might meet somebody else along the way.

Separation, leading to a split up, can also trigger feelings of abandonment and hopelessness. Indeed, being on separate paths with your soulmate is upsetting. Nevertheless, keep in mind that soulmate connections are eternal. You are bound by the heart and soul, whether it is in this life, in a previous life, or in the succeeding lives to come.

  1. You Will Endure Pain

What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart? 6 Things To Know (4)

Being apart from your soulmate will cause you sadness and despair. It will even be more devastating when the relationship has ended and you are finally parting ways.

The deep and intense love and connection between soulmates make separation extremely painful for both individuals. You may experience physical pains, lack of energy, or even bouts of depression.

However, this pain can propel you to change your situation. Soon, you will have the desire to bounce back, rise up from your afflictions, and be able to manage your emotions. Experiencing and enduring the pains will also help you develop your inner strength.

  1. You will Go Through Personal Transformation

What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart? 6 Things To Know (5)

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Parting ways with your soulmate can bring about changes in some areas of your life, regardless of how substantial or seemingly subtle these changes are.

The emotional distress, dejection, and loneliness you endured during the separation can awaken your consciousness and cause a shift in your perspective of things, whether it is about love, relationships, priorities, and so on.

This experience can bring about a phase of soul reflection, inner healing, and spiritual growth. You will try to seek out answers, understand what happened in your relationship, and focus on self-improvement and spiritual enlightenment.

  1. You Will Pursue Individuality and Balance

What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart? 6 Things To Know (6)

Taking a break from a relationship, whether for good or just for a period of time, gives you a chance to contemplate on yourself as an individual.

Being caught up in a soulmate connection may have caused you to neglect your other relationships, your spiritual needs, or even your life mission.

This period of self-reflection is an opportune time for you to assess your character, address your problems, meditate and rebalance your energies. Regain control of your emotions and self-confidence. Nurture existing relationships that you may have overlooked in the past and establish new connections.

  1. You Will Undergo Inner Healing

What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart? 6 Things To Know (7)

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Soulmates who have separated deal with the emotional pains caused by the breakup. They will try to heal themselves from the heartaches. This period of separation will give them their much-needed personal time and space for self-reflection, which will eventually lead to their inner healing process.

  1. You Will Learn to Move On and Move Forward

What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart? 6 Things To Know (8)

Accept and welcome this time of separation from your loved one. This might just be a temporary setback in order for both of you to work on individual endeavors. Have faith in your powerful soul connection and be hopeful that you will reunite someday. Wait constructively until you both are ready to be reconnected.

On the other hand, when getting back together is not likely to happen, you must learn to let go. Acknowledge that we could have more than one soul connection in our lives. You will find love again when you are ready, though it will not be the same kind as the one you just lost, and will meet another soulmate whom you will treasure deeply.

Final Thoughts

The separation phase will be a difficult journey. Because of the intense soul connection, parting ways with your soulmate will bring about anxiety, sadness, and despair. Nevertheless, enduring all this pain and embracing this experience will propel you towards enlightenment, inner healing, and self-improvement.

Recognize that separation is not a bad thing but is an essential part of the process for self-growth. These experiences are life lessons meant to illuminate and guide your soul. Meditate, reflect on your inner self, and make the necessary changes for your soul transformation.

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Do soulmates drift apart? ›

Soulmate relationships fall apart for all the same reasons that any relationship does. Unfaithfulness, addictions, or a poverty of love, whatever the reason, soulmates who cannot learn to break through their destructive patterns will eventually give up trying and lose interest in keeping the relationship alive.

What happens when soulmates find each other? ›

Thus, when you meet your soulmate, you have found someone who balances you, makes you happy, understands you, and wants you just as much as you want them. They also happen to, directly and indirectly, affect your relationship with others. You become social, approachable, and better at connecting to people.

Do soulmates eventually end up together? ›

Soulmates deeply understand each other and are able to balance out each other because of their strong connection. Soulmates often end up together because they are very compatible.

Can soulmates fall out of love? ›

Just as you can fall in love with someone you think is your soulmate, you can also fall out of love with that same person.

How do you know if you've crossed paths with your soulmate? ›

Seven Signs You've met your Soulmate
  • They Enter Your Life In Perfect Timing.
  • Immediate Connection.
  • Unspoken Understanding.
  • Deeper Connection.
  • You Bring Out the Best In Each Other.
  • Your Life Is Unimaginable Without Them.

What are signs of a soulmate? ›

If you are in a trusting, positive friendship with your SO, that's an amazing sign!
  • Being with them feels like home. ...
  • You balance each other out. ...
  • You respect each other's differences, but agree about the important things. ...
  • You challenge each other. ...
  • You can totally be yourself. ...
  • You fight for the relationship.
Aug 29, 2022

What does soulmate love feel like? ›

According to Dr. Michael Tobin, a soulmate is someone who you feel deeply connected to, but not in a dependent or needy way. The guiding principle in a relationship between soulmates is that needs are equally met because a soulmate relationship should challenge you to move from selfishness to giving.

How do soulmates act? ›

A soulmate is someone who completely understands you and loves you unconditionally. It's a meeting of minds and an undeniable connection. It's the person you can be your true self with and never worry about saying or doing the wrong thing.

Do souls recognize each other? ›

Some people experience immediate soul recognition, where both souls recognise each other. They experience a sudden feeling of familiarity even if they have not met before. The energy between them is undeniable and they have an instant attraction towards each other.

What happens at the end of soulmates? ›

He ultimately comes to realize that he can go on to the next best thing to love, which can only be Malak. Omar rushes back home, knowing that once he finds his 'Malak,' his one soul mate will never abandon him. He returns home to tell his mother how delighted he is and how hungry he is for her cooking.

When two souls are meant to connect? ›

When two souls are meant to connect: location, timing and circumstances are all irrelevant. They suddenly become a magnet for one another and despite their efforts to fight it, the universe somehow manipulates it all in their favor and in that moment, when they finally give in, a new love is born.

At what age do soulmates meet? ›

Now, back to that magical age when you might meet the one. According to Match.com's findings, women are more likely to meet that special someone earlier in life at age 25, whereas men meet their match closer to 28. However, 50% of the folks the website surveyed all meet their partner at some point during their 20s.

How do you break a soul mate? ›

A ritual for breaking soul ties:
  1. Sit in meditation.
  2. Call on any angels or spirit guides to be with you as well.
  3. Tell the person's soul that you wish them well and all the best in life, but you simply don't want to be in relationship with them anymore.
Apr 30, 2021

Do soulmates argue a lot? ›

A soulmate relationship won't be without conflict, but you'll find yourself fighting for the relationship instead of each other. You're both willing to work through your differences so that you can thrive. There's an understanding that by coming together you're creating a new entity: the relationship.

Can a soulmate be toxic? ›

People may feel an instant and intense connection with each other, but the relationship may be full of highs and lows, and toxic behavior patterns. Karmic relationships can be unhealthy, and a person does not need to stay in a relationship if they feel as though it is toxic and emotionally exhausting.

How do you know the universe wants you to be with someone? ›

Signs from the Universe That You Should Definitely Be with Someone
  • 1 You have a strong gut feeling.
  • 2 You stumble across the same numbers repeatedly.
  • 3 You see this person in your dreams.
  • 4 You keep bumping into them in public.
  • 5 You're seeing love everywhere you go.
  • 6 You've accepted the single life.
Dec 16, 2022

How do know that my soulmate is missing me? ›

Experiencing déjà vu is a very potent sign from the universe that your soulmate is thinking about you and more so, that they are missing you. The more they miss you, the more frequently you'll experience déjà vu,so take it as a huge indicator.

Is your soulmate your true love? ›

A Soulmate Teaches You A Vital Lesson

A soulmate can be a friend, a lover, or even a family member, so it's important to let go of the idea that there's necessarily a romantic connection. That being said, they always inspire passion of some sort and nudge you towards fulfilling some aspect of your potential.

Does your soulmate give you butterflies? ›

You Feel Excitement

"The most exciting thing in the world is seeing this person when you're in the early stages of the relationship," says Derhally. Falling in love and finding your soulmate may give you butterflies in your stomach, but it's your brain that's ultimately doing most of the reacting.

How do soulmates connect? ›

"A soul mate is someone who stirs your soul when you meet them, like a kindred spirit," says Nicole Moore, a celebrity love coach and relationship expert. "There is an intensely deep connection that seems to supersede linear time. When you meet this person, you feel like you've known each other before.

What are the 4 types of soul ties? ›


There are four kinds of souls ties: marriage, business, sex and friendship. Some ties have affected people negatively.

When soulmates lock eyes? ›

Looking into someone's eyes and feeling a connection is a powerful sensation. One of the popular “soulmate signs eyes” is feeling better about yourself and your life after sharing a gaze with someone. Studies report that direct eye contact and evokes positivity.

How does an old soul find love? ›

An old soul seeks a partner who celebrates and encourages mutual authenticity. They don't want to have to hide, pretend or change who they are in any way. They are at peace with who they are, and they want a partner who is willing to embrace them.

How many soulmate does a person have? ›

You can have more than one soulmate.

"You will meet many soulmates in your current lifetime," says Brown. "You only have one twin flame." Whenever you meet someone with whom you have a strong connection, the theory suggests that there's a high chance that they could be a part of your wider soul family.

When a soulmate says no summary? ›

A fearless voyage of self-discovery fueled by stubbornness, tenacity, and an unquenchable thirst for answers to the great mysteries of the soul. Amanda shares the intimate details of her transformation from love-sick hot mess to self-actualised superstar with unapologetic vulnerability and effervescent humour.

How do you know if two people are meant to be? ›

5 signs that the two of you are meant to be together
  1. You allow one another to be vulnerable. True love is about being comfortable with being vulnerable with each other. ...
  2. You respect each other. ...
  3. Jealousy is not a problem for either of you. ...
  4. They calm you down. ...
  5. You encourage each other to become better human beings.
Jul 8, 2018

What are the two types of souls? ›

Soul dualism, also called dualistic pluralism or multiple souls, is a range of beliefs that a person has two or more kinds of souls. In many cases, one of the souls is associated with body functions ("body soul") and the other one can leave the body ("free soul" or "wandering soul").

How do soul connections work? ›

A soul connection or a love bond is a special kind of relationship with someone who feels truly essential in your life. You're likely to feel closer to this person than to anyone else and to feel like they “see” you in a profound sense.

Which age is best for love? ›

And though for most people it happens young, it's certainly not true for everyone. They found 55 percent of people fall in love for the first time between the ages of 15 and 18.
This Is The Age When Most People Fall In love
  • 20 Percent First Fall In Love Between 19-21. ...
  • 8 Percent First Fall In Love Between 22-25.
May 11, 2016

Are soulmates just friends? ›

They don't have to be a best friend from childhood—it could be someone from work or someone you meet in your 50s," Nuñez says. Richardson also notes that some soul mates come and go, and some are around for the long haul. Regardless of their duration, these connections are a fundamental part of the journey.

Which age is perfect for relationship? ›

It's important to consider your child as an individual. Consider their emotional maturity and sense of responsibility. For many kids, 16 seems to be an appropriate age, but it may be entirely suitable for a mature 15-year-old to go on a date, or to make your immature 16-year-old wait a year or two.

What is a toxic soul tie? ›

A soul tie relationship can be a very positive connection, but it can also become toxic if the person you're connected to isn't a positive influence. "When a soul tie feels constraining, dark, or obsessive, mental and physical health can be negatively affected," says Dr. Manly.

What is soul separation? ›

Separation, as we shall see, does not necessarily refer to the moment of death but to a full separation of body and soul even during earthly life. This is termed “philosophical” separation, a term which equally must involve the concept of a “philosophical” union of body and soul or rather “fall” of soul into body.

How does soul ties affect men? ›

There is an intense attachment

The soul tie meaning is essentially a more profound connection than you would generally have in a standard partnership. The “tie” to that person is powerful because of that connection you establish, often through physical intimacy.

What does psychology say about soulmates? ›

The soulmate experience has to do with analogous emotion, also known as the sharing of subjective experiences. Interest, novelty, trust, and ability to navigate challenges are all aspects of soulmate and other long-term relationships.

Do soulmates have hard times? ›

Soulmate relationships can be difficult because they will challenge you at times to step up and become the best version of yourself. The effort you put into your relationship is worth it because the rewards are a lifetime of love and happiness that grows over time.

Do soulmates teach you lessons? ›

A soulmate is here to teach you a lesson in love. Now sometimes your soulmate does end up being your life partner. A lot of the time it's a lesson that you need to learn in order for your soul to evolve. Your soulmate will teach this to you as you will teach your soulmate a lesson in return.

What is a false soulmate? ›

A False Soulmate is a person who someone has a deep romantic love for, but the relationship is for some reason not meant to be, perhaps because of the love interest not sharing the same feelings, incompatibility, or misjudgment of character.

What is a karmic soulmate? ›

A karmic soulmate is someone who comes into your life for a purpose that you might never forget in your life. It often begins with meeting someone with whom you will have an intense connection and burning passion. You may think you are destined to be partners for life, but the relationships do not last.

Why do twin flames separate? ›

Separation from a twin flame may happen because both people are already married, a twin flame dies, or one person simply needs space, Vallejos says. The experience may seem like the most intense and painful loss you've ever experienced.

What does it feel like when your soulmate leaves? ›

Since a part of your soul dies when your soulmate leaves, you will never feel entirely the same. Your new partner will make you happy, but it won't be the same insane feeling overthrowing your whole body and soul. It will be much more stable, rational, calm, comforting. Which may be a good thing in the end.

Can a soulmate connection be broken? ›

Although it may not feel like it in the moment, breaking up with a soulmate isn't the end of the world. "Most people get the best lessons in life after going through difficult experiences, and breaking up with a soulmate is no exception," author and counselor, Connie Omari, LPC, tells Bustle.

Are soulmates temporary? ›

A soulmate doesn't necessarily have to be forever. I have come across many other souls that have felt like they were meant for me: best friends, boyfriends, temporary lovers and even strangers, who I've felt a strong pull toward at the most random, crucial times of my life.

What it feels like to be away from your soulmate? ›

It Essentially Feels The Same Whether You're Together Or Apart. Obviously, being away from your partner means accepting the reality of missing them, and even going through some tough patches and moments of awkward communication.

When you have to let your soulmate go? ›

Letting go of the emotional bonds requires self-love and patience. For most, letting go is much like accepting death. One must come to terms with their soulmate's absence and set them free with love and forgiveness. The heart needs to grieve and will mend with some time, support and healing medicine.

How many soulmates can you have? ›

You can have more than one soulmate.

"You will meet many soulmates in your current lifetime," says Brown. "You only have one twin flame." Whenever you meet someone with whom you have a strong connection, the theory suggests that there's a high chance that they could be a part of your wider soul family.

How do you know if someone is right for you? ›

The right person for you will be someone you know you want and need in your life, that complements your personality and expectations, and adds to your life in ways that you most value. If you truly know yourself and your own needs, you also likely know what kind of person you most want.

What are the signs of a twin flame? ›

There are a few signs psychologists say could point to a twin flame relationship:
  • sense that you're meeting yourself.
  • multiple similarities, sometimes uncanny.
  • deep connection.
  • desire to grow.
  • prioritization of growth over being in a relationship.
  • the meeting signifies a major change in your life.
Jul 7, 2021


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